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Destruction happened in 2012. Rebirth started in the year 2013. Earth is now a world that has seen magic, myth and the supernatural return to reality due to the alignment of Earth and the Sun with the galactic center. Mayan legends called this area of the galaxy the 'Dark Sun'. They also foretold that Earth would be born anew in December 2012 as the alignment would bring about 'The Great Shift of the Ages'. No one knew exactly what the ancient legends meant when they foretold the Shift of the Ages, till after a beam of energy struck out from the center of the galaxy and struck the Earth, changing all life and the planet in one moment on the night of December 21st, 2012.

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They have come for flesh and blood. Demons have descended upon the streets and major factions of New York, pray they do not take you alive...


It would be the grandest party that only your dreams could design. A moving and visual piece of art, dressed in sensuality and vibrant colors, there had been no expense limit placed on what Freya Storm promised to be the celebration of the year...

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Sienna Gallo - October Spotlight Member

Also known as Anita 'Bliss' Brinkley, Sienna has been on the site since February, and as far as this Mod is concerned, she's an absolute sweetheart. Always a positive and upbeat person, she brings a playful and positive side to things whenever she is in cbox! Here is an example of one of her recent posts.

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Fiona Danu - October Spotlight Character

Fiona Danu — Successful relic expert. Passionate witch and lover, who is but a vessel for the concentrated power of fire in her very blood, passed down from age to age, generation to generation since before the Celts first fought the Viking raiders upon their jagged shores. Here is a sample of one of her recent threads.

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